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The Eagles Music Academy is a music institute for kids and everyone. An institution passionately devoted to bringing the heights of professional music within the reach of everyone. The Academy is poised to support music enthusiasts by providing the needed education for a good grasp and appreciation of music. It is the objective of the Academy to be the premier music institution in Nigeria that facilitates excellence in music performances, creative activities, education and services. The Academy is set to revolutionize professional music by organizing; private lessons, group lessons, music festivals, concerts, music competitions, artistes’ residencies, offering professional music certifications, offering exchange programs with reputable Music Institutes around the world and a host of other activities. In a fast-paced world where more skills are required for human advancement and self-sustainability, the academy is committed to vitalizing music in Nigeria by making music the second nature of the 21st century child. Having the best of music teachers in the country, the Academy provides every home with the opportunity of having children with music mastery.

It started in July, 2016 with two students and has come to experience tremendous growth overtime – presently having three locations in Abuja (Apo, Gwarinpa and Sunnyvale). The Academy was borne out of the desire to fill the gap of children performers in the contemporary African music scene. It offers music training, music certification and live performances. It is made up of veteran musicologists, instrumentalists, performing artistes and seasoned music educators who are passionately devoted to improving music performance and appreciation across West Africa and ultimately, the world.

  • Vision - To blaze the trail of music excellence in Nigeria
  • Mission - Offering the best of professional music services
  • Motto - Unfolding the latent talent
  • Slogan ...leads the way.



The Academy has proven to be one of the best music schools in Abuja with proven track records, laurels, performance evidences and academic Awards for prominent bodies and organizations.

The students of the formed the first-ever Nigeria Children Orchestra and have performed at many national and state events. The Academy has hosted various concerts such as Listen concert, Talent Clash, Carols etc. Significant of all is the success at the Listen Concert of 2016, where at the tender age of 6 months, the Academy was able to pull off a successful Concert. The Listen Concert 2017 which was held at the prestigious Ladi Kwali hall of Sheraton Hotel Abuja with over 2000 participants. Others performances are the FRCN Carol and the invitation to perform at the Villa Carol.

The Academy since her 2016 of existence has won several Music awards.

The Eagles Music Academy is passionately committed to harnessing and empowering the music skills of the 21st century man (especially the young ones) to effectively curb unemployment in the country amongst other benefits. We are devoted to making music the second nature of every child regardless of their socio-economic status, hence the development of The Eagles Foundation (TEF) – a charity program targeted at equipping the indigents with musical skills for self-sustenance, employability and personal development. So far, TEF, since its inception in 2017 has trained 20 students. Patriotism: In September 2017, the Grade one students of the Academy performed a music titled ‘This is Nigeria’ – a song composed by the Academy to commemorate the Nigeria’s Independence Day – 1st October. The music has over times been aired on many Television channels across the nation.


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