The Eagles Video Gallery | The Eagles Music Academy

The Eagles Video Gallery

Eagles at Sheraton Hotel – ‘This is Nigeria’

Hassan Plays ‘Air’ by Haydn

I Have a Dream – Violin Solo

Eagles, live on NTA. Perfoms ‘Peace’

6 years old Nne plays Dance for piano

Hymns – David plays ‘All hail the power’

Randa Practicing ‘Largo’ – Dvořák

David Plays ‘Someone like You’ by Adele

Jayden plays Mma Mma – Frank Edwards

David Plays ‘Sonatina in C’ by Clementi

Lisa Performs ‘Majesty’ by Micheal

Emmanuel Performs ‘Titanic Theme’

Eagles Kids orchestra performs ‘Jingle Bells’

Sinach’s I Know Who I am Performed by Adriane

Eagles Kids Orchestra collections

Randa Plays Good King Wenceslas

Eagles Documentary

Joy To The World by Joshua